Welcome to Chains Invent Insanity

Chains Invent Insanity is a Cards Against Humanity answer card generator.
As the name suggests, it generates cards based on a Markov Chain compiled from a wordlist.
This wordlist is comprised of every single (official) answer card ever written for every edition of the game.



Because Cards Against Humanity is fun, and hilarious; but let's face it, play it enough times, and you get bored, because you've seen every answer. Also, Markov chains are absurd, and hilarious. So to my way of thinking, they're a perfect combination. That said, I have a strange sense of humour; so perhaps you won't find this as hilarious. Your loss if you don't, however I really do hope this provides you with some manner of amusing distraction from your otherwise dull and dreary life. ENJOY!


The markov chain generator will try numerous times to assemble what is meant to pass for a logical sentence. However, generally speaking, this value SHOULD be above 1000 to avoid an error, and the default value of 10000 should be fine enough, however if you start seeing duplicate cards, you may want to increase this number.

Additionally, you can pick the number of cards you'd like to generate.

Once you've generated the cards, you can simply refresh the browser to get a new set of cards using the same parameters, or click the "Start Again" button to return to this page.

This app is a Boxing Octopus project.
Chains Invent Insanity was built using Flask
For the source, check out the Github Repo.